Rachel’s Action Network collected this list of resources to help you keep up with latest political information and tailor news to your interests. (We also threw in a few of our favorite new sources!)


Inside 2016 the app version of, a news aggregator site where curators give live updates of the latest news, videos, and podcasts about presidential candidates or U.S. politics in general. Free for iOS.



The Flipboard app can be configured to show political news from many sources. It’s a fabulous tool for stemming the flood of political news arriving in your digital life. Free for iOS and Android


Politomix is the political news aggregator where left, right and center mix. Politomix streamlines and delivers the latest political headlines around the clock. The app aggregates and captures the top political stories from more than 40 of the web’s best sources in one place. Free for iOS


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Politifact  is an independent fact-checking journalism source aimed at bringing users the truth in politics. Every fact-check includes analysis of the claim, an explanation of its reasoning and a list of links to all sources. $1.99 on IOS and Android


Forbes wrote that Mic is “closer than any of its competitors to finding the promised land for new media companies, a middle ground between deeply reported stories and listicles”.  MicCheck is an app with a curated stream of stories, from both Mic and other news sites.


Emailed on Wednesdays to members of Rachel’s Action Network, our newsletter includes the top stories on women in politics, environmental policy, and more.


Twitter is among the best places online for consuming news and commentary about live events. The share of Americans for whom Twitter and Facebook serve as a source of news is continuing to rise. Add all of the above new sources to your Twitter feed as well as our new favorite handle: @Lenny – feminism, style, health, and politics.

Share your favorite political news sources will us!

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