About Us

Rachel’s Action Network (RAN) is a nonpartisan organization empowering pro-environment women funders to influence the political process.  We are a national community of women dedicated to leveraging our philanthropy to advance strong environmental policies and promote women political leaders. RAN aims to increase the number of women decision-makers at the national level and support our members’ individual and collective advocacy to maximize their political impact.

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Congressional Spotlight

Nanette Barragan

THE NEXT GENERATION: As a Hermosa Beach (CA) City Council member, Nanette led a successful measure to prevent oil companies from drill within 150 feet of residents’ homes and out into the Santa Monica Bay; passed a motion for Hermosa Beach municipality to go carbon neutral by 2020; and, enacted a city-wide plastic bag ban…

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We are environmental champions who promote WOMEN political leaders. WHY? Because when women lead, our families win, and the environment wins.

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